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  • Wisconsin Electric Co-Op Hosts Farm Tractor, Mini Rod & Truck Pull Event

    Ganzhou Lynpe Technology Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce their involvement in the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association’s upcoming Farm Tractor, Mini Rod & Truck Pull event. The leading linear actuator enterprise will be providing high-quality products and services to ensure a sa...

  • The Importance Of Actuator Synchronization

    The importance of actuator synchronization There are two methods of multiple actuator control – parallel and synchronous. Parallel control outputs a constant voltage to each actuator, while synchronous control outputs variable voltage to each actuator. The process of synchronizing multiple actuat...

  • Actuator without limit switch

    Actuator without limit switch Actuator without limit switch linear actuator motor only In this configuration the actuator has no limit switch device, so at the output we only have the two DC motor power cables. Pay attention that using the linear actuator without any device that controls its str...

  • What is a linear actuator?

    What is a linear actuator? A linear actuator is a device or machine that converts rotational motion into linear motion and linear movement (in a straight line). This can be done through electric AC and DC motors, or the movement could be powered by hydraulics and pneumatics. Electric linear actu...